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    🔥 Kali is the Hindu goddess associated with sexuality, violence, and destruction. As such, we decided that she would be a perfect fit for The Devil.

    This card depicts the story of Kali’s defeat of the demon-general Raktabija who led an uprising to defeat the gods. Initially, the goddess Durga led the crusade against the demons, unleashing blow after terrible blow upon Raktabija. Little did she know, however, that Raktabija had been bestowed with a peculiar power that would enable a new demon to spawn from any drop of his blood that touched the earth. As Durga continued to attack Raktabija, armies of demons sprang forth, enraging the goddess until she transformed into Kali. Armed with a sword and a noose, she unleashed terror. After defeating the demons, Kali advanced upon Raktabija. With a swing of her blade, she struck Raktabija down, being sure to drink his blood before it could touch the ground. Finally, she lifted Raktabija into the air and decapitated him. In her rage and triumph, Kali began dancing on the corpses of the slain demons until they were reduced to a pulp. She continued dancing, growing more powerful in her trance-like state, so much so that the earth seemed as though it would collapse beneath her powerful feet. Her husband, Shiva, saw what was happening and threw himself beneath her dancing feet. Suddenly, realizing the harm she was causing, Kali returned to a more calmed state and the universe was saved.

    In this card, Kali is seen standing triumphantly on a pedestal, which bears the symbols of Shiva. In her hands, she holds the head of Raktabija, a bowl to collect his blood, and the blade with which she defeated him. She is also performing the Chin Mudra and the Prithvi Mudra. The Chin Mudra is a gesture of consciousness, reminding us to be wary and to return to our senses. The Prithvi Mudra is used to increase the earth element and decrease the fire element, bringing balance when paired with the flame of lust and destruction that she holds in another hand. Around her neck and waist, she is adorned with the remains of the demons she has slain during that fateful battle against Raktabija. Over her shoulders coil two cobras, representing rebirth and renewal as they are known for being symbolically reborn after shedding their skin. This symbolizes the reader’s ability to grow and move forward from those choices and desires which are holding them down.

    At Kali’s feet stand a man and a woman who have seemingly been overcome by their urges to pursue the path of pleasure and instant gratification. Their descent into their darker, more animalistic selves is signified here by their horns and tails. The woman's tail is made of a grapevine, which represents pleasure, while the man's tail is inflamed, which represents lust. They both wear a noose around their necks, which is being held by Kali. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that these nooses are loose enough that the man and woman could easily free themselves. They are being held not against their will, but by their own choices.

    Just as we see in Kali’s story, this card represents our own ability to lose sight of the decisions and actions that have led us to where we stand today. Perhaps you have lost control of yourself and are dancing toward your own form of destruction and chaos. This card means that it is time to reevaluate your choices and determine whether or not you are pursuing pleasure at the expense of your well-being or that of those around you. You have the power to change your circumstances.

    • 100% ring-spun cotton
    • Sport Grey is 90% ring-spun cotton, 10% polyester
    • Dark Heather is 65% polyester, 35% cotton
    • 4.5 oz/yd² (153 g/m²)
    • Pre-shrunk
    • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
    • Quarter-turned to avoid crease down the center
    • Blank product sourced from Bangladesh, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, or Nicaragua