Celebrating All Things Halloween and Witchy Year-Round
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    The Ghoulish Garb is committed to providing clothing uniquely designed for those who are intrigued by witches, mystified by the macabre, and in need of a healthy dose of gallows humor. Come in for a spell, and learn a bit more about who we are.

    Our Founder

    The Ghoulish Garb Founder - ShannaI’ve always been a creative person, from my vocal performance and musical theatre background to my interest in the visual arts, so it’s no surprise that I’m continuously searching for new avenues through which I can express myself. And if I can help others express themselves more truly in the process, then I know I can be proud of what I’m doing. My search for self-expression and self-sufficiency came to a head with the idea of The Ghoulish Garb. I’ve had a notable passion for Halloween and a profound interest in all things witchy and macabre from a very young age, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to create a business focused around this particular niche. I've been lucky enough to find other wonderful, weird, woeful people with whom I'm so proud to share these unique designs. 

    Here at The Ghoulish Garb, we are a family -- an abnormal and often dark family, but a family nonetheless. That is why I am so committed to bringing you original designs that you can be proud to wear. So go out into the world donning your own Ghoulish Garb and show them the real you! In the wise words of Tim Burton, "Everyday is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us..." 

    Stay Spooky!
    Owner | The Ghoulish Garb

    Our Furry Familiar

    Psychopomp Apparel Furry Familiar RouxRoux has been Shanna’s companion since they met in a CVS parking lot on a fateful September morning. For this pair, it was love at first sight, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. He’s a loving creature with a healthy dose of sass thrown in, so you can be sure he’ll keep you on your toes. He loves to watch movies and has a particular appreciation for Practical Magic and The Addams Family

    As we’ve stated before, we want all of you to be a part of The Ghoulish Garb family, so it’s only natural that we share our beloved Roux with you as well. You can already find him on our original design, “Yes, I Can Drive A Stick,” but stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram to see more of this feisty feline.