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    Death Tarot Card Tapestry Monochrome - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman Halloween Wall Art

    Our version of the Death tarot card depicts characters found in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. Here, you'll see The Headless Horseman riding his horse of death toward the terrified Ichabod Crane as he pleads for mercy. His horse wears the traditional flag found in Rider-Waite’s Death tarot card. The white flower on this flag symbolizes purity and immortality, and it’s five petals represent change. In the background, you'll notice we've used two lofty, twisted trees in place of the traditional two towers. You will also see the moon instead of the sun as it rises over the horizon. The river serves as the boundary between this world and the next, and the ghostly ship sailing its waters escorting the dead to the afterlife. 

    Tapestry Features
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • Printed Top & Finished Edge
    • Fine Line Detail & Intense Vivid Colors

    Sizing is in inches. 

    Washing and Drying Instructions
    • Cold Gentle Machine Wash
    • Line or Tumble Dry on Low
    • Don’t Bleach or Iron
    Fulfillment and Shipping

    We use a highly detailed but delicate printing process for all of our items. Please allow the following fulfillment and shipping times for each zone listed below:

    • United States: approx. 5-10 business days 
    • Canada & Mexico: approx. 10-15 business days
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