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    Strength Tarot Card Tapestry Monochrome - Cerberus & Greek Goddess of the Underworld Persephone Wall Art

    Strength paints the picture of a serene Persephone with her hand gently gliding on the leg of Cerberus, the hound of her lover, Hades. The monstrous creature guards the gates of Hell as the river to the afterlife runs beneath him. With three heads, a serpent in the place of its tail, and eyes that flash with fire, this brute is one of the most terrifying and ferocious beings from Greek mythology. And yet, Persephone’s calm demeanor suggests neither fear nor force. She evokes a loving, nurturing presence and even seems to be consoling Cerberus in his fury as she looks toward us. She shows an innate prowess to conquer and control this monster, representing the ability to subdue our own animal instincts--such as desire, courage, and passion--which must be kept in a delicate balance.

    Persephone is known as the goddess of spring as well as the Queen of the Underworld. She holds within herself a powerful dichotomy, capable of catastrophically polarizing an ordinary being. But through her inner strength and her calm perseverance, she has found emotional equilibrium. In this card, she is seen wearing a gown of purple and red. Purple is associated with the third eye and is representative of her insight and wisdom while red is a symbol of her vitality. Her neck is adorned with a laurel wreath that signifies eternal growth, honor, and peace. She wears this between her head and her heart to show a balance between emotion and logic, which in turn reflects the balance of her nature. On her head sits a crown in the shape of an infinity sign. This is yet another symbol of her limitless potential and wisdom.

    Tapestry Features
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • Printed Top & Finished Edge
    • Fine Line Detail & Intense Vivid Colors

    Sizing is in inches. 

    Washing and Drying Instructions
    • Cold Gentle Machine Wash
    • Line or Tumble Dry on Low
    • Don’t Bleach or Iron
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