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    Temperance Tarot Card Tapestry Monochrome - Haserot Angel Gothic Crying Angel Fountain Statue Halloween Wall Art

    Temperance is a card that is known for representing balance, patience, and middle-ground. Everything about this card suggests the unification of dualities within oneself and within life, creating a harmonious balance. In our design of this card, you see a statue of an angel. They are made of stone, but they are not merely a statue. They are a fountain, thus water flows through them. This symbolizes the importance of balance between staying grounded and allowing yourself to go with the flow of life. The androgynous look of the angel further represents the duality of humans and the importance of balance. They are a symbol of the unification of spirit and matter. They are made of stone, though they embody spiritual presence, depicted through the tears they shed. The angel holds two goblets in their hands. One is slightly higher than the other. These represent the conscious and subconscious minds. The flow of water between them is a symbol of the union and balance between these two forms of consciousness. There is a give and take in the motion of the water, and so there must be in our relationship to the physical and metaphysical realms. Behind the angel on the right side of the card, we see graves adorned with white lilies. The lilies, as well as the graves they are placed upon, are another symbol of the unification of dualities. Lilies represent fertility and health, while the tombstones hold a direct correlation with death. To the left of the card lies a winding path, which leads to a mausoleum with a roof in the shape of a crown. This represents the journey through life towards reaching a higher path of understanding and staying true to one’s self, purpose, and meaning.

    Tapestry Features
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • Printed Top & Finished Edge
    • Fine Line Detail & Intense Vivid Colors

    Sizing is in inches. 

    Washing and Drying Instructions
    • Cold Gentle Machine Wash
    • Line or Tumble Dry on Low
    • Don’t Bleach or Iron
    Fulfillment and Shipping

    We use a highly detailed but delicate printing process for all of our items. Please allow the following fulfillment and shipping times for each zone listed below:

    • United States: approx. 5-10 business days 
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