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    The Hanged Man Tarot Card - Ghoulish Edition

    Our version of The Hanged Man is based off the Rider-Waite deck, but depicts this curious character hanging by his strings on a beautiful, yet dilapidated and cobweb-infested stage.
    🙃He is hanging upside down as he looks upon the world from a fresh point of view. His face is calm as he hangs. He has come to the position due to his own choices and is content in his placement there. “Normal” is a relative concept to the Hanged Man. He accepts reality as it is.
    😇Around his head, we see the “halo” cast by the spotlight. This symbolizes the Hanged Man’s newfound enlightenment and cognizance due to his new perspective.
    🔻🔹He wears red to signify passion and blue to signify knowledge. He finds balance in surrendering to both of these human pursuits.
    🕸️His surroundings show that he has been in this state for quite some time. He does not struggle or try to release himself from this position because he has found solace here. He knows that, when the time comes, he is in control and may pull his own strings.

    • Individually Die-Cut Vinyl
    • Ideal for Smooth Flat Surfaces
    • 1/8 Inch White Border Around Each Design
    • 2" - 3" x 3" - 4" (Dependent on the Individual Design)
    • Manufactured, Designed, Printed in the United States
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