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    The Magician Tarot Card Tapestry Monochrome - Mary Shelley Dr Frankenstein Mad Scientist Gothic Halloween Home Decor

    🔮 The Magician is a card that carries with it the ideas of new beginnings, manifestation or manipulation, resourcefulness and empowered actions or untapped potential. We felt that our edition of this timeless card would best be suited for Dr. Frankenstein. After all, in Mary Shelley’s famous tale, Dr. Frankenstein manipulates the natural laws of science and morality to bend the will of life and death to his own design.
    ⚡ In this card, we see Dr. Frankenstein in the role of The Magician. He stands in the center of his laboratory with one hand in the air wielding a lightning rod while his other hand is pointed toward the ground. This represents the important aphorism that expresses the idea that everything in the universe is connected. This also works to express the duality of The Magician’s connection to the spiritual and physical realms. He uses his knowledge and connection to these two planes as a way to manifest his true desires and goals in the material world.
    🧟In front of him, we see the lower half of his infamous monster as he awaits reanimation. This is the manifestation of his goals and ideas coming to fruition. This monster is created and revived due to Dr. Frankenstein’s abilities, persistence, and resourcefulness.
    ♾️Behind him, we see his laboratory equipment creating an electric arc in the shape of an infinity symbol. This is seen above his head to represent his unlimited potential.
    On the wall at the far back of the card, we see two shelves holding various objects, four of which carry significance to this deck.

    . 🦇 Bats = Air
    . 🎃 Pumpkins = Earth
    . 🏆 Goblets = Water
    . 🕯️ Candles = Fire

    Tapestry Features
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • Printed Top & Finished Edge
    • Fine Line Detail & Intense Vivid Colors

    Sizing is in inches. 

    Washing and Drying Instructions
    • Cold Gentle Machine Wash
    • Line or Tumble Dry on Low
    • Don’t Bleach or Iron
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    We use a highly detailed but delicate printing process for all of our items. Please allow the following fulfillment and shipping times for each zone listed below:

    • United States: approx. 5-10 business days 
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