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    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Tapestry Monochrome - Gothic Clock Tower Sphinx Anubis Wall Art

    In our version of the Wheel of Fortune card, we see a clock tower adorned with various carvings and statues which hold great significance. The clock’s face itself represents the wheel in this design. The hands on the clock are tipped with the alchemical symbols for water, salt, mercury, and sulfur, which represent the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. These elements are essential to the balance of life and are held within the confines of the physical realm, as represented here by the clock’s face. Beyond the face of the clock lies the metaphysical realm and the figures that symbolize its various facets. 

    On the four corners outside of the wheel, there are engravings of an angel, an eagle, a lion, and a bull. Each of these represents one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus respectively. These same figures can be seen in The World card. The wheel is flanked by two pillars. There is a serpent coiled around the pillar on the left with its head toward the ground.  This snake represents Typhon, the Egyptian god of evil, as well as the infamous character who led Eve toward temptation in the Garden of Eden. Its position represents the descent of the soul from the spiritual plane to the mortal realm. It can also symbolize a loss of innocence or spirituality. On the right pillar stands a statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, representing the transition of the soul from life into death. This also symbolizes the ascension from the ways of the flesh to divine spirituality. Above the wheel, we see the head of the sphinx as seen in The Chariot. This figure represents the spiritual knowledge and insight that preside over the mysteries of the cycle of life.

    Tapestry Features
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • Printed Top & Finished Edge
    • Fine Line Detail & Intense Vivid Colors

    Sizing is in inches. 

    Washing and Drying Instructions
    • Cold Gentle Machine Wash
    • Line or Tumble Dry on Low
    • Don’t Bleach or Iron
    Fulfillment and Shipping

    We use a highly detailed but delicate printing process for all of our items. Please allow the following fulfillment and shipping times for each zone listed below:

    • United States: approx. 5-10 business days 
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